Fall Equinox Women's Retreat, 2013

"Visioning from the Heart"

Celebrating the Next Phase of our Soul’s Evolution

September 2013 dates to be announced

The Specifics

  • 6:00 pm Thursday through Noon Sunday
  • Luxurious private home, 1 hour  from Aspen, Colorado


  • Sumptuous and nourishing vegetarian cuisine provided by Brenda Kennerly, celebrated chef and silk artist from Maui

  • $795, includes 8 meals, snacks, & 3 night's lodging 
  •  (Creative Financing Available)
  • Reserve your space early with a $350 non-refundable deposit. Registration & information: CONTACT

This year’s women’s retreat is all about Visioning from the Heart: 
Welcoming in what’s next in our lives, individually and collectively....through sound and silence, music and the creative arts, intuition, council, and earth wisdom.  I'll also be integrating skills inspired by HeartMath, and some very practical energetics of gratitude.   Something is wanting to come through each of us now, an expanded version of who we really are.  This is The Real Deal.  Very fun, very deep.  

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The Setting

The Setting is a beautiful private home in the Capitol Creek area, an hour from Aspen. Surrounded by tall fir trees and magnificent aspen forests, we will take the time to rest in the deep sanity of nature and our own wild hearts, to listen into the natural vibrant expression of who we really are and what we want to become.  

The Adventure

We will be gathering together just after the Autumnal Equinox, Sept. 23-26, at the height of the Fall color season, to rejuvenate from the core, to lighten up, and step fully into the rich outpouring of our souls' truest potential.   The time is right.  That shift we’ve all been looking forward to is finally  happening!  The world is ready now, and so are we. Expect a festival of joyful connection, gratitude, and creativity.  

Vision slips in easily while we’re playing:  Singing, laughing, writing, doing art, getting grounded.  Women are naturally brilliant and soulfully supportive.  Many profound inspirations happen in the kitchen around the chopping block.  We are open to ordinary miracles and extraordinary posssibilities, however they show up.

From this place of connection and inspiration we can speak, sing, and breathe ourselves and our lives back into sanity, renewal, and aligned action. Tuning in and relaxing in good company, we will alchemize our Vision into something sweet and generous....re-discovering, illuminating, and activating our original Divine blueprint so that we can bring our highest and best gifts into the world again. 

It’s easier than we thought. 
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

Comments from participants....

"Mmmmmm! It was an exquisite waveflow weekend. I particularly liked that you left your ego at the door and embodied your teachings. I've used the exercises to balance, on the spur of the moment, when I've found myself in uncomfortable situations....I could go on and on poetizing the delightful inner and outer work we did. You WERE an Authentic Voice!"

---Roz, Feng Shui Healer

"I am still getting tingles up and down my spine from your wonderful retreat, and I know I will be absorbing all that we experienced in the weeks to come......Starting a new business has allowed me so little time to renew my spiritual energy in the company of friends......I know it is essential to keep my reservoir full to overflowing and my intention clear. This weekend was just what I was craving. The volume has been turned up! Thank you so much for your clear, bright light. You are a treasure."

---Lindsay, Singer/Songwriter and Chef Extraordinaire

"Yahoo, wowee!! Our whole weekend could not have been any better. Your warm, compassionate, loving, generous, soulful, expressive, humorous and totally present way of being in the world will stay with me always. What great work we did!"

---Andrea, Classical Pianist, Composer, Teacher, and Vision Quester

"The chance of a lifetime is to be yourself"

Jan in Green

Jan Garrett is a multi award winning songwriter, jazz singer, and master creativity coach who believes that “The chance of a lifetime is to be yourself.”   A lifelong professional musician and wild-ass visionary, she has toured with Steve Martin, John Denver, and the Dirt Band, and has appeared on the Tonight Show and in Rolling Stone Magazine. 

Jan has been a student of meditation for (omigod) well over 30 years.  The mother of identical twin daughters, she is also a wilderness vision quester and Certified Laughing Instructor.  Perfect.  She teaches Authentic Voice and Piano-by Ear, and has led creativity workshops and women’s retreats for decades.

Jan lives in the mountains of Colorado near Aspen with her husband and musical partner JD Martin.  Together they travel to spiritual centers around the country singing, playing, and teaching “The Heart of Harmony.”  Jan & JD have produced 6 CDs of award-winning original songs, the latest of which is called “No Complaints Whatsoever.”   All are available at: